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The core of our business is to provide solutions to specialist mechanical and engineering problems.  Problem solving for clients ensures a bespoke solution to a particular complex engineering issue.  We are happy to provide technical advice and assistance from research, mechanical and structural design, initial inspection through to detailed CAD drawings. Once a scheme design is completed and approved, manufacture takes place in our workshop premises in Ashbourne.  Throughout the whole manufacturing process GK Engineering conducts a series of quality control inspections to ensure all work is of the highest standard.  We also offer a comprehensive installation service. CASE STUDIES: 5
GK - Silo Installation in Runcorn
Silo Dismantling in Bethseda GK project managed the dismantling of five 140t silos and support steelwork from Welsh Slate, Bethseda.  Three of the silos were subsequently redesigned and uprated to meet current legislation before being relocated and installed at a new location in Runcorn. 
GK - Load System Modification GK - Lean-to Building Extension
50t Silo Installation GK supplied, manufactured and delivered extensions for the silo support steelwork, two access ladders, a rest platform and safety gate.  The silo was lifted into the vertical position before bolting to the extension steelwork.  Access ladders and safety gate were fitted using mobile crane and cherry picker (MEWP).
Runcorn Dockland Pipeline
Extension of an existing lean-to building GK designed, fabricated, delivered and erected an extension to a lean-to building.  We carried out modifications to a free issue palletising conveyor turntable, palletising roller conveyor sections and installed the equipment.
Modification of existing loading system GK supplied and installed a long belt Beaufort Conveyor (Easikit 900) with a 415v variable speed 3kW motor, vulcanised cleated belt, emergency grab wires, under-guarding and inlet and outlet hoppers.  Support steelwork was modified to accommodate both the new larger bulk bag and the existing smaller bulk bag.
Runcorn Dockland Pipeline GK designed and manufactured a pipeline from Runcorn dockside to seven existing 500t silos.  The pipeline has a removable extended spool piece fitted to bridge an existing road and then rises 17m to a 90 degree vortex bend to enter a covered building positioned above the silos.  From here, the pipeline splits to feed two rows of silos which are automatically filled from the ship at the dockside, discharging at a rate of 150t per hour.